My story

My name is Firoozeh and I have occupied my life with travelling, nature and keeping lots of pets.

This very happy and colorful world of different cultures, nature and animals inspired me to illustrate and draw my imaginary world since I was a child.

I am mostly working with watercolor and acrylic, trying to feel and show life apart from a repetitive routine.

What clients say about me

Lovely Art Corner

What a beautiful place you've carved out for yourself on the internet. It's so bright and peaceful and warm at the same time! Great layout, FANTASTIC photos of you and your products! It feels like I'm not just visiting your page, but like you're welcoming me into your home.

Arina P. from Spain on 28/08/2020
Excellent work

Excellent work Firoozeh! Your illustrations make me feel nostalgic about the story books I read as a kid. I like the way you portray nature with all that colourfulness and lightness. Certainly worth considering when looking for something to offer to friends and family. Keep up with the good work Wishes of best success, from Portugal.

Rui V. from Portugal in August 2020
So Beautiful, So Artistic!

It is really a matter of happiness and at the same time so excitement to have happily been able to visit your beautiful paintings in connection with a variety of marvelously lovely subjects, which merely shows your intrinsic genius and your extraordinary natural talent. I hope to see your further brilliant achievements in different international painting fairs. Your artistic aptitude is wonderfully surprising; so go ahead; the Almighty God is always with you.
Ahmad S. from Iran in September 2020
I Love Your Paintings!

Your paintings are so nice; so beautiful; I love all of them! As a matter of fact I love paintings; but yours are uniquely so extraordinary; I love them! I wish you all the best. I will order some of them soon.
Fahimeh T. from Iran in September 2020
 Beautiful and different!

This website is just wonderful. Thanks for your creations and your art.
Andres . from Spain in September 2020