Individual exhibitions


Upcoming exhibitions:

  • June & July 2024

        " A delicious plate for soul" Exhibition of and-painted ceramic plates, Pimenta Rosa,Porto, Portugal

  • July 2024

       " The inner me" Viseu

Held exhibitions:

  • November & December 2023

         " A plate of happiness", Exhibition of and-painted ceramic plate, Vila Real, Portugal

  • October & November 2023

         "The inner me", Amarante, Portugal

  • January & February 2023

          "I can fly", Theater of Vila Real, Portugal

  • April & May 2019
    "I saw myself", Conceptual drawings, Traga-Mundos, Vila Real, Portugal

  • September & October 2018
    "My imaginary world" , Illustrations, Traga-Mundos, Vila Real, Portugal

Group exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • June 2024

        "Pajaros em Libertad - Passaros em Liberdade" Group exhibition of artworks, Porto, Portugal


Held Exhibitions:

  • 20th of January until 8th of March 2024

          "Piano-Mar"  an exhibition of illustrations that were made by the group of acting artists in practicing sessions

           Theater of Vila Real

  • December 2018
    Illustrations & postcards, UTAD, Vila Real,
    (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro), Portugal 
  • March 2010
    Postcards, Municipality exhibition, Iran